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The Booster Club Guidelines were prepared to assist Booster Clubs in meeting District, University Interscholastic League (UIL), State and Federal requirements. Therefore, it includes checklists, laws, regulations, policies, suggestions and examples for Booster Clubs to follow. The Guidelines includes some items that must be followed by all Booster Clubs, such as District policies and guidelines, UIL guidelines, and State and Federal regulations. Other items include suggestions for improving your organization and related day-to-day activities.

Booster Clubs are parent organizations established to promoted school programs or complement student groups or activities. A Booster Club’s purpose may be to support a student group or program at a particular school or various student groups or programs at various schools. Students enrich their education and expand their horizons when they participate in school activities and programs. Even though a Booster Club works very closely with the District, it is a separate entity from the District. Therefore, the District greatly appreciates the time, effort and financial support that the Booster Clubs provide to our students.

Booster Clubs support a particular student group or program through a Coach/Sponsor. The Coach/Sponsor is a District employee who serves as the liaison between the Booster Club and the District. In addition, the pertinent Principal or other appropriate Administrator must approve various activities of both the student group and the related Booster Club.


Booster Club Guidelines (PDF)
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